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immunization compliance

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Despite everything going on, we will still be ensuring that all students are up-to-date on their vaccinations. We go by CDC guidelines. If you have questions, please contact health office staff, or go to the following CDC link.

We understand this chart may be difficult to understand, please contact us with questions or if you need guidance. If your child has fallen behind at some point during childhood and needs to "catch-up" on immunizations, contact us. We can guide you to the catch up schedule provided by the CDC.

Ensure your child's latest immunization documentation has been sent to us by either uploading on parentvue, emailing us, or dropping off at front office.

Click here for more vaccine info.

If you wish to not vaccinate your child based on religious beliefs or medical reasons, please go to NMDOH website for instruction on how to apply for exemption status.


Flu Vaccinations: Now more than ever, we recommend staying up-to-date on flu vaccination. When they become available with your child's primary care provider, please get your child vaccinated.


6 Things you need to know about vaccinations: Here


Updated Information

Children are not eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
If you or anyone in your household are interested in getting the COVID-19  vaccine, please register here

We are encouraging EVERYONE who is interested to register now, even if it will be awhile until you qualify. To find out what group you are in and the timeline of when to expect the vaccine, check here

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Staffing/Contact Us

Inez has a half time nurse and 2 half time health assistants. It is our hope that the health office has someone to service our students at all times.
Contact info:
Inez Health office phone: (505) 299-9010 ext. 3
*We will be checking voice messages daily, please give us 24 hours to respond
Inez Health office fax: (505) 253-5053
*We will not be in the office every day, if possible, scan documents and email us.

Danielle Steiner, RN:
      Google voice number: (505)289-0799 (please use for urgent matters during school hours only)

Renee Romero, HA:
Crystal Alonso, HA:

Flu Clinics:

The CDC always recommends flu vaccines yearly, but this year is more important than ever, especially in light of the pandemic.  I am hoping we can get all students, staff, and families vaccinated that can.  Here are the clinics I know about now:


Saturday Oct. 31st 9am-3pm: UNM Family Health at Cibola High 1510 Ellison NW: for ages 6months and up (includes adults)

These clinics are drive up and free!  If you would like to make your experience quick and smooth, print out the form at This Link and fill it out before going to the clinic for each person receiving the vaccination. They will have the forms available on sight. Also, wear a short sleeve shirt.  

DOH Boo to the Flu event.  Free flu shot clinic through the department of health at Expo NM: 

          October 31st starting at 1 pm until supplies run out

Important Covid Information

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Follow the link for the APS Nursing services information on the COVID-19 virus.

APS follows CDC guidelines. Click CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and facts on protection, symptoms, and next steps if you or your child get sick

Please go through the linked checklist EVERY DAY before sending your child to school!

Find safety measures implemented by APS at this link

As many have already heard the best way to prevent illness is to:
1. wash hands frequently
2. wear a mask
3. maintain social distancing (6 feet away at all times)
4. when coughing/sneezing, do it into a cloth/elbow. Wash up after as soon as you can.

Here is a great hand washing video: Here
Lavarse las Manos: Aqui
Face coverings video: Here
Usar una Cubierta de Tela Para la Cara: Aqui

Covid Testing Poster

Expo New Mexico Testing Center Flyer

Preparation for children with Chronic needs at school

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If you student has chronic illness such as:

  • Life threatening allergy

  • Asthma


Or any other illness requiring medication at school, please start getting the documentation needed. Make an appointment with your child's primary care provider and bring the APS from that applies to your child. Nursing forms can be found at this link.

We cannot provide medication to students who do have the proper documentation, please start working on this ASAP if you have not been already. We want to be as prepared as possible for when we start in person schooling.

Nurses Calendar

Wash Hands

As many have already heard the best way to prevent illness is to do the following:

1. wash hands frequently
2. wear a mask
3. maintain social distancing  (6 feet away at all times)
4. when coughing/sneezing, do it into a cloth/elbow. Wash up after as soon as you can.




Please look at the enrollment forms in the following links:

English   Bilingual

Call these numbers for enrollment help: 855-5261 (ENGLISH) / 855-9820 (BILINGUAL)



When is sick too sick for school?Here

APS ¿Cuando Está Demasiado Enfermo Su Hijo(a) para Ir a la Escuela?: Aqui



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Wash Hands Poster