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Medicaid Enrollment

Please look at the enrollment forms in the following links:

Call these numbers for enrollment help: 855-5261 (English) / 855-9820 (Bilingual)


Sick Students

Please keep sick students at home!

If they have a fever of about 100.4, they must be kept home until they are fever free for 24 hours, WITHOUT medication. Other symptoms of note are: cough, headache, stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, body aches, and fatigue.

Please note, if they have one or more of these symptoms, they will likely be sent home, with COVID tests and guidelines.

Medications at School

Students are NOT allowed to carry medications on themselves without the knowledge of the health office. This includes cough drops. If you would like to send cough drops or any over the counter medication (OTC) to school with your student, you must stop in the health office and fill out the appropriate paperwork. You can also print the Over the Counter Form from the Nursing District Forms page in the Medication at School section.  If your student requires medication at school that requires a prescription, we need provider authorization called "Provider order for medication at school," which is also available on the Nursing Forms page.

Asthma and Epi-pens

We must have the appropriate asthma or allergy action plans filled out by the medical provider. We need new forms EVERY SCHOOL YEAR. Your child's medical provider should have the proper APS form, but the link for the forms is on the Nursing District Forms page.


We follow CDC guidelines for immunizations. If your child is noncompliant, you will get a letter. You get 3 notices until disenrollment will occur. If you apply for exemption status, that must be done every school year. New applications can be found on the Immunization Information for Families page. Thank you so much for your help in keeping our school and community healthy and ready to learn!


Despite everything going on, we will still be ensuring that all students are up-to-date on their vaccinations. We go by CDC guidelines. If you have questions, please contact health office staff, or go to the following CDC link.

We understand this chart may be difficult to understand, please contact us with questions or if you need guidance. If your child has fallen behind at some point during childhood and needs to "catch-up" on immunizations, contact us. We can guide you to the catch up schedule provided by the CDC.

Ensure your child's latest immunization documentation has been sent to us by either uploading on parentvue, emailing us, or dropping off at front office. Visit the Immunization Information for Families page for more vaccine info.

If you wish to not vaccinate your child based on religious beliefs or medical reasons, please go to NMDOH website for instruction on how to apply for exemption status.

Flu Vaccinations: Now more than ever, we recommend staying up-to-date on flu vaccination. When they become available with your child's primary care provider, please get your child vaccinated.