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Rocket Volunteers

While encouraging parent participation, we must also consider the safety of every child in the district by requiring a background check from volunteers prior to any volunteer activity at any APS school. The background check will be conducted based on information obtained within the online application.

APS background checks are valid for 2 years. Visit the APS Volunteer page for more information or begin the registration process.

Along with the district required forms and background check, Inez volunteer training must be completed by any person wishing to volunteer at our school. You can download the volunteer manual, and orientation slideshow online at the links below. After reviewing the information to you can take the Survey Monkey Quiz online. Upon completion of a passing grade a certificate will be sent that you should bring with your district background approval form the first time you come to volunteer. If you choose to train in person we will have district led classes twice per year. Upon completion of either the online self paced learning or the in person class you will be cleared for any Inez/APS events for two years. When you arrive to attend, please sign in at the office. Training occurs in room 132.
Download A Copy of The Orientation Slideshow.
Download A Copy of The Volunteer Manual.

Take the Inez Rockets Volunteer Quiz.

Login with YOUR FIRST and LAST NAME and the passcode 0276

You must pass the quiz to volunteer!